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Unfortunately we currently have no cardigan in stock

The company is currently being taken over and the new owners are busy organizing everything. Unfortunately there are no cardigan in stock yet. We hope to be able to deliver vests again only at the end of March or beginning of April. If you want to buy or rent a cardigan, register now and we will keep you informed!

How can Squease help?

  • prevent overstimulation

  • reduce anxiety

  • prevent tantrums

  • deal with stress

  • calm down in case of anxiety/panic

  • improve concentration

  • fall asleep faster

I want a cardigan

Our rental service

  • More than 70% of tenants are satisfied and purchase the vest after the rental period.

  • With our rental service you can first see whether the vest will help you at no extra cost.

  • All rental costs incurred will be deducted when purchasing the vest.

  • You rent a new cardigan, so if you want to keep it, you don’t have to exchange it.

Rent a Squease cardigan

“I think you have a product that could help many people on the autism spectrum”

Dr. Temple Grandin

Mama Claudette

‘It was the first day in a very long time that he really felt comfortable‘ “Our little son was always very busy and restless, and found it very difficult to concentrate. We found out after a lot of research that he has SPD (sensory processing disorder), which makes him easily overexcited. When he is “full,”…


‘Even the teachers notice immediately improvement in calmness and concentration’ “We as parents are completely flabbergasted HOW focused our sweet busybody is when he puts on his vest. He is doing very well at school with his vest on, and even the teachers notice immediately improvement in calmness and concentration. We are SO glad we…


“He feels safer and can process the stimuli a little better and faster. “I really like the pressure vest! We have a happy (grand)child who feels safer with the pressure vest and can process the stimuli a little better and faster. Delano likes wearing it, notices the difference well and he asks for it himself.…

I would like to try out a squeeze cardigan!

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